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Our kittens go to their new home at the age of 3 months or later and come with:

* Petpassport (several times dewormed, microchipped and

    vaccined against feline viral rhinotracheaitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia)

* Breedingcats have an EU passport and are vaccined against rabies

* A map with all documents (salescontract, pedigree, pictures of parents and silblings)

* Food for the first days and toys

* A blanket, which smells familiar (if whished)

* Screening results of parents and other relatives owned by us and

   gentests can be viewed anytime (also copies if wished)


We are always happy to answer questions and try our best to help the families of our offsprings

even a longer time after the kittens moved to their new home!



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