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Top Coon Tyson "Deisi"



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Top Coon Tyson "Deisi"


black silver mackerel tabby/white

Breeder: Beata Kalicka


Top Coon Usee, JW
Ares Querer IC Fin*Escape's Never Ending

 EC Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's

IC.WW.02 Fin*Escape's Izabella Coonzales
CH S*Ma Coo's Question

 GIC SW'2004 S*Ma Coo's Lagavulin

DK*Sebasco's 2 Crazy
Fergie Cat Cabaret ZZ Top of Gentle Lions *CZ

GIC Langstteich's Ca'Power Pepper

Isabel of Gentle Lions
IC Maxi Alwaro*PL Euro.Ch. Sebasco's Daker Devito DK WW'02
Top Coon Barbie Baby DotCom Lachlan Lad CH Lacocoon Hey Jude Lacocoon Sgt Pepper
Puddleduck Honey Dont of Lacocoon
GC Dotcom Melinda Angmars Warlock
CH DotCom Emina Minx/GC
Int.Ch. Barbi Red Top Coon Gr.Int.Ch. Asterion Cat Cabaret PL/JW Gr.Int.Ch. James Bond Klapouch PL
Int.Ch. Maxi Alwaro PL
Gr.Int.Ch. Wiktoria Alwaro PL Euro.Ch. Sebasco's Daker Devito DK WW'02
Euro.Ch. K'Star Winner Alwaro PL


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