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GIC Paradise Island's Bella "Dizzy"


Thank you Tanja and Reiner for this dremlike cat!

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Date Place Judge Judgement
23.08.2009 Mödling Bruin Stephe Ex1, BIV, Nom BIS Ex.1 against 7 other females and lost BIS with 2:3 votes)
03.10.2009 Tulln Romano Gianmichele Ex1, BIV, Nom. BIS, BIS!! (all votes)
01.11.2009 Wien Reijers Eric Ex. 2 ♥ (against a 9 months old very good developed female who won BIS the day before)
06.12.2009 Graz Sakurski Dietmar

Ex1, BIV, Nom BIS, BIS!!

10.01.2010 Bratislava Reijers Eric Ex1, CAC, Nom. BIS
31.01.2010 Erbeichsdorf Kurkowski Albert Ex1, CAC, Nom BIS, BIS, Best Of Best I !!!
07.02.2010 Schwechat Spijker Charles Ex1, CAC, BIV, Nom BIS, BIS!!
110.4.2010 Györ Kurkowski Albert Ex1, CACIB, BIV, Nom BIS & BIS went to a Sibirian
30.05.2010 Wr. Neustadt Brambilla Fabio Ex1, CAC, BIV, Nom BIS, BIS!!




GIC Paradise Island's Bella "Dizzy"

HCM& PKD screened negativ


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